Learning To Box

Whether you love or hate the sport, you likely are familiar with the rudiments of the sport of boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).  One thing that many people would like to have in their “back pocket” is some form of ability to defend themselves; and others want to be in physical shape from an overall conditioning level – not just running endurance nor just weight training strength.

A way to accomplish both goals is to learn from an accomplished veteran in one the Dallas MMA gyms which also has trainers for boxing.  There are many factors to consider besides geographic convenience, price, hours when training is permitted and equipment.  Some of the other factors include:

  • experience of the head trainer
  • safety equipment and emphasis on safety during all training
  • licensing with appropriate governing bodies
  • a philosophy which is indicative of helping you become better at defending yourself
  • the success levels of students who started out in situations as close as possible to yours
  • fighting style(s) taught that match your goals

Some people also like training in a motivated group setting (versus small groups or individual training).  This is because they enjoy feeding off the energy from other students and/or they feel that the class’ intensity will hold them to a higher standard of discipline.  The expectations of the group often can help someone prevent from “slacking off” and putting in sub-standard effort.  Here is a video of such a boxing class in Dallas:

Be sure to find some sort of training facility which benefits your particular style.  Again, learning fighting styles is not for everyone.  If you are interested, however, consider the above points plus always talk with your medical professional before starting any new fitness-related activities.  This is especially true for something as intense as learning self-defense, MMA or boxing due to the high risks of injury during training or during the conditioning activities.


Changing Up The Model Of Commercial Property Development

A recent business in the North Dallas/Plano area is attempting to make changes to the way certain types of commercial property development gets funded.  With the explosive growth in residential and commercial real estate development happening across the Metroplex, large companies with “retail” (or medical) locations elsewhere in the United States are likely looking to gain market share in this area.  Many of these companies are franchises for both traditional services (e.g. fast food and automobile services) as well as higher-end services (e.g. bank branches, tax preparation, or health-related).

The current business model for many commercial property developers forces the development company to incur several risks that are not just related to the actual physical structure.  Some of these risks include:

  • needing to scramble to get equity partners
  • securing bank financing
  • cost overruns
  • finding a broker to sell the property should the development company not want to keep the property for its portfolio
  • carrying costs while waiting for the buyer to purchase the property, including costs when dealing with typical property selling “headaches” related to the end buyer

This new business is one of the few companies which offers 100 percent commercial property development funding in Dallas Fort Worth (and elsewhere in Texas) should the strength of the tenant’s financial position be sufficient.

In essence, it is trying to spur growth in Metroplex commercial property development by removing many of the typical barriers and risks commonly associated with such deals.  This affects you because vacant land, zoned for commercial property, may then start showing signs of construction.  This may affect your everyday life due to new business coming to the area, increased tax revenues to the particular community, and possible new businesses who will want to sponsor local events such as children’s athletics, religious organization events, etc.


Your Upcoming Experiences With Print Marketing

In the coming months, your experience with print advertising in the Dallas area may be enhanced by the technology you carry.  Although seen regularly, not many people use QR code technologies in everyday life due to having to download the app on their phones, scanning and not necessarily knowing what is going to happen after the code is scanned.  Some basic uses of QR codes in print marketing and advertising include having the phone app get you to:

  • visit a website
  • watch a video
  • download a vCard
  • download a white paper (PDF)
  • join a text (SMS) notification list
  • join an e-mail newsletter
  • a number of other actions

The next evolution of the QR code technology is the use of similar items to enhance brand/company awareness.  One of the experiential marketing agencies located in the Bishop Arts area of Dallas blends its artistic skills with technology to help companies and large organizations (such as museums) enhance the experience and make a definitive impression on the intended audience.  Here is one such example of this type of marketing for a “scooter” type of vehicle:


Notice the impact that a simple print ad now can have on your life when integrated with the technology you may already carry (e.g. a mobile tablet).  Hopefully you can begin to envision future applications of what can be done once the creative juices start flowing.  Traditionally-discarded print materials such as brochures, sports game programs, and much more now can be “revitalized” by matching up the technologies with defined “calls to action”.  More on this topic to be discussed in the future.