Home Business Technical Setup

One of the companies that serves DFW business owners helps with a technical home office setup.  They offer several services which help minimize the need for multiple service providers including:

  • Website design
  • Search engine and other online marketing
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Managed data backup
  • Remote technical support
  • Computer and peripheral hardware suggestions


While this is not always inclusive, this company tends to cover most of the basic needs that Metroplex home business offices require.  You are going to start to see more of this kind of company in DFW where the company aggregates specialty in multiple related services.

This permits as close to a “one stop shop” service which many professionals working from home like.  If you see similar types of business which can operate from a centralized location, yet offer DFW residents a comprehensive suite of services then please let us know.  We want to offer unique trends that are starting to take hold in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Thank you.


Influencing How DFW People Search Online

One of the ways in which many people in Dallas Fort Worth find local products and services is through using internet search engines.  What most people in DFW don’t realize is that many of their local keyword phrase searches (e.g. for specific cities or counties) often is influenced by marketing professionals on behalf of their clients or employers.  One such organization of these professionals is this one.

These professionals often deal with intricacies behind the scenes including:

  • domain registration
  • domain nuances (e.g. MX records, 301 redirects, name servers and more)
  • web hosting
  • email hosting and forwarding
  • link building including anchor text ratios, Trust Flow, etc.
  • on-page optimization tags and wording
  • paid ads (pay per click)
  • many other factors


The thing is that the consumer doesn’t notice that much of a difference between the number one ranking years ago and today’s number one ranking.   The professionals, however, had to adapt to a nearly complete overhaul of what it takes to rank their clients (or employer).  One of the biggest challenges is dealing with the structure of the website itself, primarily the coding.  Much like houses in Dallas can be made of any numerous methods of construction, websites can be coded in different manners.

Ranking a website built in a nearly-archaic code like this business is significantly different than a mobile-friendly code like this one.  On-page SEO tags had to be modified, but the other code and what is needed now like XML sitemaps, Schema, responsive theme settings and more often hurt businesses needing search engine exposure which get accessed now by a mobile device user versus a laptop/desktop user.  Requirements for site structure, silos, and embedded elements like Maps and YouTube videos also affect the business’ rankings today.

Other factors now include which websites have pages being shared on primary social media channels, are referred to on relevant forums, and have links pointing to them from authoritative websites with relevant content on those pages.  There are many other ways in which the search engine rankings’ algorithms have changed since the beginning of the decade.  Feel free to leave your thoughts on how the search engine results have either improved or lessened in recent years, especially for search results related to phrases specific to the Metroplex area.


Reality Shows For Local Businesses And What To Do Afterward

With the explosion in reality TV shows in recent years, many local businesses have wanted to get in on the craze because they often enjoy such shows after work.  The problem is that many of these local business owners don’t realize that the shows have national distribution on the various cable networks; and the business owners’ focus is primarily on getting new business from a local market.

The question is what can a local business do AFTER appearing on such a TV show that can benefit the local business in terms of getting new prospects to call, e-mail or walk into a store.  Here is what one local DFW Metroplex business has done to increase the odds of getting new business:

  • Local concrete company which specializes in concrete raising/concrete leveling/sunken driveways/slab repair/mud jacking/slab jacking is based in Arlington
  • The company was featured in a one-minute segment within a nationally-televised reality show which focused on alterations to the outside of a home in the DFW area
  • The show aired nationally, but no local press attention happened prior to the show’s airing

Link to YouTube video.

With this situation, what can be done?  The company did the following:

  • Got the clip of the video from the show and uploaded it to the company’s YouTube channel
  • Included a link to the website and the company’s phone number
  • Optimized the video for the desired keywords
  • Bought low-cost traffic from the specific cities/towns in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that it serves, targeting people who were reading web pages which discuss topics such as concrete repair, broken concrete slabs, driveway cracks and more
  • Traffic was sent to the video page, not the company’s website


Why the last part?

Since the video’s appearing on a recognized TV show becomes, in essence, a “tacit endorsement” of the business it likely has a good conversion rate for phone calls or targeted website visitors.  The increase in traffic, additionally, from IP addresses matching the towns for which the video is optimized also boost the video’s ranking in the search engines.

Finally, exposure to a YouTube video from a reality show increases the likelihood that someone will share the video with friends.  They may not necessarily share the company’s website, as people are more accustomed to sharing videos than company websites with their friends.  YouTube videos also can be shared via text, e-mail, social media and embedded on websites.

Down the road, the company can do other things with a YouTube video to help increase phone calls for its primary services.  Nonetheless, this “back end” process ultimately produce more financial benefit for the company beyond the short-term “pop” in business it received directly after appearing on the TV show.  The process also increases the likelihood of having stability in targeted traffic for months to come.



Running Multiple Businesses

One of the toughest things to do professionally is to run a business with employees. The mindset which is needed is so different than the way most people are raised, especially with the way many schools develop young minds.  Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • The responsibility pressure is too much for most people
  • There are very few “safety nets” such as workers’ comp insurance down-time payouts, unemployment benefits, mandatory vacation times, overtime pay, or discrimination laws favoring the employer or owner
  • One has to deal with the dynamics and forces of human behavior, not just “leaving me alone to do my job”
  • Most employees don’t have incentive to grow the business as they are on the “expense” side of the balance sheet instead of on the revenue-generation side of the balance sheet
  • Intangible qualities such as overall leadership, public speaking, writing skill, delegation, negotiation, and being the “tough one” when everyone else wants to quit are necessary
  • Having vision to see business growth, trading off time with family and friends and a constant need to get educated comes into play here
  • Waking up and going to bed being comfortable with embracing risk, while still focusing on building some degree of security for his/her employees, is something very rarely taught; and seeking good mentors and peers is paramount for the business owner

These are just some of the tough skills to acquire for the business owner.  Now imagine compounding that by running multiple businesses!  The ability to go to a “birds eye view of a birds eye view” is a rare trait, but there are some in Dallas Fort Worth who have done so.

These are just some examples.  Does every professional listed here run everything smoothly like a well-oiled machine?  No.  There are many pitfalls and examples of what can be done right as well as seeing room for improvement.

Nonetheless, this daunting task of running multiple businesses warrants helpful information constantly, high amounts of discipline, and a little bit of luck!

Take a moment to look at their businesses but you also can learn what they have done right in order to consider incorporating those traits (or specific actions) into your entrepreneurial pursuits.


Changing Your Holiday Ham Buying

Many people during the Holidays get ready by waiting in line at the store, or ordering from the local supermarket, their hams.  Some like Hickory smoked, others like peppered and some like other styles (spiral sliced, boneless, etc).  One group in North Dallas/Collin County is aiming to change that because they believe that their hams are better-tasting.  Therefore they have mail order hams of all kinds.

What makes this task challenging is overcoming two main issues:

  • Brand awareness of both the end product as well as their distribution brand
  • The penchant for people to only buy their smoked meat products (hams, sausages, etc.) in the physical world locally

These two have been a pressing issue so it alters their marketing efforts.   Here are the lessons you can consider applying if you believe that they benefit your business if in a similar situation:

  • Going after keyword research phrases (search queries) which have demand related to their products AND which indicate a willingness to purchase via mail order.  This broadens the geographic area, but tightens the vertical niche; and it requires finesse to accomplish this
  • Education campaigns such as helping people understand that this option is safe, has no more risks than buying at the store, etc.  This is a tough challenge because of the ingrained habits that their prospective customers have exhibited for generations; but it can be overcome.  The use of testimonials, particularly video-based ones, often can help overcome initial resistance
  • Playing to the strengths of the product and its ancillary content.  For example, those who love ham are always on the lookout for new ham recipes.  By providing unique recipes, and placing those recipes in front of those who are open to buying smoked meats by mail, the distributor can encourage a website visit simply by the desire to learn more about hams and what can be done.  By playing to people’s egos – giving them recipes which hopefully win over the taste buds of family & friends – the distributor has a chance to encourage first time orders and repeat business

Again, this is not easy.  It takes finesse, dedication and creative thinking.  Nonetheless, it can be done if consistent and offering value every step along the way.  Hopefully these lessons may help your business as well.


Dealing With Interesting Clientele

One of the areas that most people in Dallas Fort Worth don’t have to encounter everyday is dealing with the “less than stellar” people of the world, especially those who have no problem engaging in criminal behavior.  Taking it further, there is a sub-set of that universe where people can be accused of criminal behavior… and the nature behind those accusations may be false.

Talk about dealing with a different kind of human dynamic!

Nonetheless, that is what Patrick has to deal with everyday.  He is a criminal defense attorney and, furthermore, deals with military cases where soldiers are the target of false accusations by fellow soldiers or even superior officers.  This area of the world may seem to be “dirty” to most people.  It forces one, however, to view the world with less “rose-colored glasses” and understand many factors that come into play.

The reasons that you may better want to learn about some of these one day is to protect yourself and your family.  So many people have their “heads in the sand” and just don’t want to know these activities that are happening everyday.  If you talk with a criminal defense attorney one day, especially since the prosecution often is representing the local municipality or the State – sometimes even the federal government in terms of multi-state securities fraud or human trafficking – then you will find out some of the core principles about the ugly truths.

By learning what to be aware of, especially in terms of patterns to watch out for, you can better protect your family, yourself, and your financial interests.  Some of these dynamics which come into play are:

  • people with mental illness
  • the result of long-term abuse by family from a young age
  • corruption by officials
  • history of growing up in families where criminal activity is rewarded
  • humans who will stop at nothing to gain financial cash reserves
  • those who gain excitement and personal satisfaction at “duping” or deceiving others
  • protection of one’s image or ego
  • accusing others falsely in order to hide their own illegal activity
  • the inability to produce tangible results, thus pursuing a criminal path to achieve desired outcomes
  • many other factors
  • inability to achieve a lifelong dream, so fraud is needed to “show the world” what he/she accomplished something special even though, in reality, such never occurred

These forces work both in physical crimes (drug selling, trafficking, assaults, etc.) all the way to white collar crimes (e.g. mail fraud, medical fraud, etc.).

While this is not necessarily a fun topic to discuss, and the lay person is likely to have incorrect notions about these dynamics, it very well may be worth your time to understand more in order to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Hopefully you never deal with such people, or are falsely accused of such behavior, in your lifetime.  Nonetheless, this is one of those topics where it is better to have the knowledge rather than remain unaware.


Black Tie Charity Events

A lot of people enjoy the concept of a black tie social event in the DFW Metroplex, especially when tied to some reputable charity.  The reasons why may help you in several areas, and not just socially.

They include:

  • In some manner, financially or otherwise, assisting people in need
  • Bringing awareness to a charity to people’s attention for the first time
    • By using a charity event you “meet people halfway” where you give them something they want (a fun night out on the town) in order to get something you want (awareness of the charity, donations, etc.)
  • A tax write-off (at least a portion so be sure to talk with your accountant or CPA about this)
  • Invitation to be social that your significant other may enjoy
  • The events usually are held in respectable venues where there is minimal risk to your physical security or risks to your car or other property
  • They usually have some form of security on site
  • Tapping into a formal setting tends to force people to act with some degree more of class and manners when out in public, above and beyond whatever levels they normally have when dressed casually
  • A chance to network for business
  • Those who are single have a more controlled setting where the opportunity to talk with somebody else can happen instead of in a crowded bar or dance floor
  • A setting where the ability to start conversations is more open and natural, such as a person’s involvement with the charity
  • Sometimes the “society pages” types of local publications are there to take pictures
  • Gives people an excuse to “play dress up”
  • Sometimes they have good food (!)
  • Usually a better-quality band or DJ to play music
  • More formal styles of dancing instead of just hip-hop
  • A chance to meet new friends
  • And… perhaps an opportunity to get inspired if you meet someone needing help is leading an inspiring life.  Imagine that!


I want to thank my friend Tony for helping me come up with some of the bullet points to compile this list.  If you have other benefits that people across DFW could find beneficial then feel free to share them with us.  Thanks!


Soft Tissue Healing For Pain

One of the major problems with adults in the Dallas Fort Worth area is people in significant amounts of physical pain.  No matter how “in shape” they may look long-term injuries from athletics, genetic flaws in their bodies, injuries from falls or auto accidents or just being in inadequate physical condition people in the Metroplex are in a lot of physical pain.  This doesn’t even account the “emotional” element of the pain.

This often leads people to being on painkillers, abusing alcohol, using narcotics and other substandard ways to “cope” with the pain they experience each day.  This, of course, can affect your life in any number of ways:

  • Bosses on pain pills often make poor decisions which can affect your career and the lifestyle you offer to your loved ones
  • People using drugs or alcohol to cope with their pains can have affected driving which, in turn, can cause harm to you, your loved ones and your physical property
  • Some people mix alcohol and pain pills which can lead to attacks on you and your property
  • People might withdraw from society due to being in tremendous pain, often due to the inability to partake in activities that they truly enjoy
  • Physical pain can limit other activities to being in shape and, in turn, this can lead to worsening internal health

These are just some of the manifestations that high severity concerns such as neck pain, low back pain, migraine headaches, and other chronic pain in Dallas Fort Worth can wreak on you and your loved ones.

There are many methods to explore depending on your financial situation, insurance coverage plan, time availability, geographic convenience and personal tolerances.  The more traditional measures would be to visit an orthopedist, go to physical therapy or other suggestions by your doctor like dietary changes.  On the opposite end of the spectrum are the wide range of alternative health methods such as herbs, Rolfing, Reiki and other non-traditional methods.

In the middle is the use of chiropractic services.  Recent advances include the use of technology to overcome the fear of being “cracked” as well as technology to help with soft tissue (non-bone) issues.  These include the electrical muscle stimulation and cold light laser therapy methods.  For some videos on these technologies, and seeing them in use, then here are some which might be of interest.


Learning To Box

Whether you love or hate the sport, you likely are familiar with the rudiments of the sport of boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).  One thing that many people would like to have in their “back pocket” is some form of ability to defend themselves; and others want to be in physical shape from an overall conditioning level – not just running endurance nor just weight training strength.

A way to accomplish both goals is to learn from an accomplished veteran in one the Dallas MMA gyms which also has trainers for boxing.  There are many factors to consider besides geographic convenience, price, hours when training is permitted and equipment.  Some of the other factors include:

  • experience of the head trainer
  • safety equipment and emphasis on safety during all training
  • licensing with appropriate governing bodies
  • a philosophy which is indicative of helping you become better at defending yourself
  • the success levels of students who started out in situations as close as possible to yours
  • fighting style(s) taught that match your goals

Some people also like training in a motivated group setting (versus small groups or individual training).  This is because they enjoy feeding off the energy from other students and/or they feel that the class’ intensity will hold them to a higher standard of discipline.  The expectations of the group often can help someone prevent from “slacking off” and putting in sub-standard effort.  Here is a video of such a boxing class in Dallas:

Be sure to find some sort of training facility which benefits your particular style.  Again, learning fighting styles is not for everyone.  If you are interested, however, consider the above points plus always talk with your medical professional before starting any new fitness-related activities.  This is especially true for something as intense as learning self-defense, MMA or boxing due to the high risks of injury during training or during the conditioning activities.


Changing Up The Model Of Commercial Property Development

A recent business in the North Dallas/Plano area is attempting to make changes to the way certain types of commercial property development gets funded.  With the explosive growth in residential and commercial real estate development happening across the Metroplex, large companies with “retail” (or medical) locations elsewhere in the United States are likely looking to gain market share in this area.  Many of these companies are franchises for both traditional services (e.g. fast food and automobile services) as well as higher-end services (e.g. bank branches, tax preparation, or health-related).

The current business model for many commercial property developers forces the development company to incur several risks that are not just related to the actual physical structure.  Some of these risks include:

  • needing to scramble to get equity partners
  • securing bank financing
  • cost overruns
  • finding a broker to sell the property should the development company not want to keep the property for its portfolio
  • carrying costs while waiting for the buyer to purchase the property, including costs when dealing with typical property selling “headaches” related to the end buyer

This new business is one of the few companies which offers 100 percent commercial property development funding in Dallas Fort Worth (and elsewhere in Texas) should the strength of the tenant’s financial position be sufficient.

In essence, it is trying to spur growth in Metroplex commercial property development by removing many of the typical barriers and risks commonly associated with such deals.  This affects you because vacant land, zoned for commercial property, may then start showing signs of construction.  This may affect your everyday life due to new business coming to the area, increased tax revenues to the particular community, and possible new businesses who will want to sponsor local events such as children’s athletics, religious organization events, etc.


Your Upcoming Experiences With Print Marketing

In the coming months, your experience with print advertising in the Dallas area may be enhanced by the technology you carry.  Although seen regularly, not many people use QR code technologies in everyday life due to having to download the app on their phones, scanning and not necessarily knowing what is going to happen after the code is scanned.  Some basic uses of QR codes in print marketing and advertising include having the phone app get you to:

  • visit a website
  • watch a video
  • download a vCard
  • download a white paper (PDF)
  • join a text (SMS) notification list
  • join an e-mail newsletter
  • a number of other actions

The next evolution of the QR code technology is the use of similar items to enhance brand/company awareness.  One of the experiential marketing agencies located in the Bishop Arts area of Dallas blends its artistic skills with technology to help companies and large organizations (such as museums) enhance the experience and make a definitive impression on the intended audience.  Here is one such example of this type of marketing for a “scooter” type of vehicle:


Notice the impact that a simple print ad now can have on your life when integrated with the technology you may already carry (e.g. a mobile tablet).  Hopefully you can begin to envision future applications of what can be done once the creative juices start flowing.  Traditionally-discarded print materials such as brochures, sports game programs, and much more now can be “revitalized” by matching up the technologies with defined “calls to action”.  More on this topic to be discussed in the future.